Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Was an inch away from ending this blog

Oh man. I feel 100 years old today, but playing hockey is a blast.

If I'm being honest, I have to admit that I was really nervous all day yesterday. Once the puck dropped, those nerves went away.

So our team is relatively new, we're a division 3 team in the Pasadena league. Division 3 is supposed to be the beginner division. I would say our team definitely fits that description, every forward line had someone who either hadn't played before or is coming back after a long layoff. The team we played last night did not fit that description. I'll leave it at that.

So we lost 5-1, but I almost made it 5-2 with about a minute to play.

The first two periods, I was kind of lost in the offensive zone. I wasnt sure if I should go to the corner or set up in front of the net. Our team captain told me to forget about the corner, since I was usually the last one to get down low, (damn these slow feet!) just go to the net. Once I did that, things started to make sense. With about a minute to go, my center went to the net and got a shot on goal, which rebounded right to me with a wide open net. Unfortunately I was turned sideways and had to corral it with my back had, and just swept it toward the goal. Missing the right post by an inch. I'll get the next one.

I think with a little bit more experience, I wont freak out when the puck gets close to me. I iced the puck twice, once was on purpose because the D-men were out of gas. The second one I tried to bank off the boards, but messed up the angle. I need to get more comfortable skating with the puck, especially skating it out of my zone. I think 2 of the 5 goals were scored while I was out there.

My stamina was okay, I get more gassed in my classes on Sundays, but I really need to skate more. Just getting to full speed quickly and stopping with confidence. Only tried skating backwards once, and I almost fell down. So I may not do that for a while.

As a whole, there is a boatload of room for improvement, but I think I did alright.

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