Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Games 3 and 4


Lets see.

I have to get better at updating these after every game.

Game three we lost to a team I felt we were better than. They played a bit dirty and got our better players a little rattled. I think the score was 3-1.

It was 0-0 going into the third. I wasn't on the ice for any goals against or the goal for. So my stats for game 3 would be 0 goals, 0 assists, 0+/-. As long as Im not losing the games for us, I'm doing something right, right?

Every game I have more time with the puck in the offensive zone. Im settling down more, looking at my options before passing. Developing chemistry with my linemates.

I play RW and the LW on my line is relatively new to hockey as well, its sounds counterproductive, but I think we actually play well together because I think we're at the same pace.

Last night was game 4.

We won 4-2, I think. Maybe 5-2, I dont remember.

I think I might get credited with an assist, but Im not sure yet. I got the puck in the slot and kind of fought for control, ended up chipping toward the goal, went off a skate and my center picked it up and shot it in the goal. So it wasn't a clean assist, but if I get credit for it I wont complain.

Last night some things really started to click, I just feel better. Not as nervous. Had a lot of pressure in the offensive zone, got set up around the net a few times. Tried to tip a point shot, thats harder than it looks, but I got a few whacks at the rebound to no avail. I feel like it's just a matter of time before I get a lucky bounce and Im sitting there in front of the net and put it in.

Last night I was very conscious of what I did the few hours before the game. I took a hot shower and ran my stairs in the back yard to warm up. I think it made a big difference. My legs felt quicker this week.

Still doing my classes every Sunday night.

I might have some video of last nights game soon.

I'm having a blast, I'm really glad I decided to do this.

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