Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Got two goals!!!!

But not in my rec league.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday, I attended Kings Fantasy Camp. It's basically a fund raising charity event where you get to play games with former NHLers, mostly former Kings.

It was hosted by Marty McSorley and the alumni in attendance were Luc Robitaille, Daryl Evans, Ian Turnbull, Bernie Nicholls, Marcel Dionne, Dennis Maruk and Jim Fox.

We played 4 games, one Friday at Toyota Sports Center, where the Kings practice, one Saturday on Staples Center Ice, and two Sunday back at Toyota Sports Center.

Most of the people I skated with had been doing it for years, so I was definitely the least experienced on our team. Fortunately I ended up on a team with some really fun people. Everyone I met was really nice and a couple guys were hysterical. The staff was really great too. Very helpful and made it a really memorable weekend.

Now to the games.

First game, we had three alumni. Maruk, Dionne and Evans. I was on a line with Maruk, all game long he kept setting me up. I had like three or four chances from right in front of the net. The fifth chance was a perfect pass right on my stick in the slot and I swung at it. It hit the goaltender in the shoulder and bounced over him and into the net. MY FIRST GOAL!!!!! We ended up losing 5-2 though. Its a pretty surreal experience trying to cover Luc Robitaille skating toward you with the puck and a huge smile on his face.

Team Royal, Game 1 - I'm on the far left, you can see Evans, Maruk and Dionne in there.

Here is some video of Daryl Evans passing to me and I get stopped by the goaltender. Video courtesy of my Dad. I'm #5.

The next game was at Staples Center. We had Robitaille, Nicholls and Marty. We jumped out to a 6-2 lead. One of those 6 was a slow motion goal from yours truly. I basically just fumbled with the puck until I landed on top of the goaltender and the puck went in the net. It wasn't pretty but it counts, and my name was called at Staples Center. Booyah! Unfortunately we lost again, this time in a shootout.Ian Turnbull cheats.

Playing to an empty room

Third and fourth games were back at Toyota Center. I think we had Dionne, Turnbull and Evans for the third game, we ended up losing in another shootout. So going into the fourth game we hadnt won a game. We had Maruk, Nicholls, Evans and Luc. I think Luc really wanted us to win this one because he was really coaching our team. We ended up winning, but I cant remember the score. Felt nice to win one, but thats not what team royal was there for. We had the most fun of any team.

I could ramble on forever about it, but I'll finish up the Kings Fantasy Camp segment by saying that I'll definitely be back next year.

Played a rec league game last night, to make it a 5th game in 4 days. My legs were tired, but I played pretty well. I think playing so many games in a short period of time has given me the confidence to skate harder and faster. I didnt score a goal, but our line spent a lot of time in the offensive zone around the net. We won 8-2, and if we win next week, we make the top four which puts us in the playoffs.

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  1. You seem to be doing better since Jack Johnson left town. :-)